Don't STAB Me!

The World's Worst Assassin

Score: 0 × 1 Lives: 0


"Don't STAB Me!" is a jQuery game based off of Crocodile Dentist although I've been trying to come up with features that would make it less of a clone and more of a homage.

Created by Michael Ku


In this luck-based game, you play as the world's worst assassin. With a 0% hit rate, you have failed every assassination mission you have received to date. Your goal is not to stab the correct target, but instead, accidentally stab everyone else.

Completing, or rather, failing a round grants you +1 life which will give you an extra chance in the rounds to come. The points you gain also increase by 1 per completed round, as denoted by the current round's multiplier next to your current score.